Appy Trails

A guide to using smartphone apps while you travel

Getting There

For many people, getting to the destination is the hardest part. Between booking the trip, deciding what to pack and finding the plane, it may be a nightmare for some.

Luckily, because it can be so difficult to plan and book a trip, there are several apps that help ease the less-than-fun parts of your dream vacation.

This website has the apps broken into two modes of travel and into apps that should help you with planning.

First, for many its the planning that’s a nightmare.

For traveling, some people dread having to shell out all the money it takes for gas by driving.

For others still, navigating airports and flying are what them want to just sit on the couch instead.

If any of these might be a concern for you, you’ll definitely want to check out the links and learn about some cool new apps to help you out.

Appy Traveling!