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A guide to using smartphone apps while you travel


For some, including me, a trip can be made or broken by how good the food is. If I am going on vacation, I want to eat great food all the time for as little money as possible.
Since I’m not the only one who feels that way, there are several apps that point you in the right direction of where to get the best food for cheap. Urban Spoon and Yelp are popular ones, but there are more.

Scout Mob

Scout Mob is an app for major cities in the United States and gives tips for the best local restaurants and bars in the area, and even provides discounts for them. It sorts with categories such as “Top Rated,” “Game Day Grubbin’” and “Romantic Date Spots.” It will also allow you to save your favorite coupons and will remind you when they’re about to expire. The only downside is it isn’t available for every city. For anyone who wants to dine on a dime and still get an authentic feel of the city you’re in, this is an ideal app.

Scoutmob Scoutmob

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