Appy Trails

A guide to using smartphone apps while you travel


It can be argued that for most people, the steak and potatoes of the trip is what you are going to actually do when you get there.
For many, the best way to go is to just get a guidebook, whether they buy a paper version or download one.
However, for those that want to keep their guide interactive, there are several apps that can guide someone to the best things to do in the city of their choice.

City Guides

The first of these, “City Guides,” is an app developed by Trip Advisor and basically is your tour guide in one little download. You can choose from major cities from all over the globe to download a guide to (although it is recommended you download the guide somewhere with access to strong wifi, otherwise it can be slow.) Options include, restaurants, hotels, attractions, suggested itineraries, nightlife, shopping, etc. There is even options to get background on the city.
The app also ranks the best places to go in each category, and can sort them by location to you. Nifty features include a map that allows you to bookmark your favorite locations and a “point me there” option, which acts as a compass and practically walks you to where you want to go. A must have for any traveler.

Trip Advisor Trip Advisor Trip Advisor

Around Me

This app is similar to City Guides, and tells you all the attractions and sights to see, based on how close they are to you. The great thing about this app is all of the categories you can choose from. There is practically no way you can be at a loss of what to do with this app. And, because it works with GPS, it isn’t limited to where you can use it, making it a great app to bring back home with you.


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