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Traveling can be stressful: packing, finding the cheapest way to travel and trying to make an itinerary can seem like an endless stream of websites and guidebooks.

It may not seem like it first, but the only trip planner you need can actually fit snugly in your pocket.

As an avid traveler myself, I rely mainly on free smartphone apps to help me get where I want to go and enjoy my vacation.

Travis Smith, a University of Florida soon-to-be-graduate and application developer for American Express said that using smartphone apps can help save time by condensing the multiple steps it takes to plan a trip.

“It’s a good resource, and could help give you a different perspective.”
Travis Smith


Appy Trails takes some of the best free travel apps available and breaks them down into easy to find categories. Each app is reviewed based on how easy it is to use, pros and cons, aesthetics and usefulness. There are clear screen shots of what the screens look like and step by step breakdowns for each app.

App of the Week

Check back each week for a video review on my favorite app of the week and what I love and don’t love about it.

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