TSF Sketch Spring 2013 Writers

Jessica Sheldon, Sketch Director


Jessica is the only person from Tallahassee, Fla. who has ever chosen to go to UF instead of FSU, which must be why people keep asking her about why she did it. She is pursuing dual degrees in public relations and linguistics and hopes for an idea of what to do with those degrees to come to her any day now.

Adriana Robles, Assistant Sketch Director


Although Adriana hails from the horse capitol of the world (that's right--Ocala, Fla.!), she is busy being the new president of the Theatre Strike Force. She is majoring in telecommunications and is going to be Tina Fey one day.

Otto Akin, Writer


Aside from being TSF's resident apathetic/depressing star improviser, Otto is president of UF's stand-up comedy club, University Stand Up Comedy Club (USUCC). He is majoring in economics because that's what will pay the bills when he's trying to make it big.

Bailey Benningfield, Writer


Bailey is a freshman new to the writing team this semester. She's from Bartow, Fla., but can't even make a joke about that because the only people who know it exists live there. Her best friend is British, which is cool or something.

Katelyn Mears, Writer


Katelyn's claim to fame is that she's only ever been approached by student government parties during election season once in her three years at UF. It can't be her unfriendly demeanor because her face shows that she's always laughing out loud at something in her head that no one else can see or hear. One day, she hopes to solve the mystery.

David Mucci, Writer


David Mucci, also known as "Das Mooch," takes credit for being the most likable ginger alive. He is about to graduate and go to law school in Chicago. After which, he hopes to be the only likable lawyer alive.

Kyle Poe, Writer


Kyle joined the writing team this semester after being blown away by aMOCKalypse in the fall. He is best known for writing sketches that cause large, scary men to be put into scary orange Oompa Loompa make up.