Other Cool Sketch Groups

  • Generation Sketch Comedy: Gainesville's longest running sketch comedy show. It puts on one themed show every UF semester.

  • Ugly Step Children: Originally from Tampa, Fla. and now located in Gainesville Fla., this is an improv and sketch show made up of friends who just want to have fun together.

  • The Whitest Kids U Know: A long-time sketch show that first made a name for itself on the Internet and now tours around the country doing live shows.

  • Derrick Comedy: This sketch group isn't around anymore, but featured current comedy celebrities like Donald Glover and DC Pierson.

  • Cheese and Crackers: This is a college improv and sketch comedy group from West Palm Beach, Fla. They perform with Mod27.

  • Shock T's: This group based in Chicago, Ill. is a musical comedy show with two men, one woman and one guitar.

  • Bunny Poo Salad: This sketch group is a zero-budget sketch comedy show just trying to make its way on the Internet.