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Summer Sketch Stuff


The sun is shining, students are crying and campus Starbucks sales are up. That can only mean one thing: the end of the semester is right around the corner. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the spring semester is finally over and we're ready for the sweet, sweet freedome of summer.

Which means one thing: summer Sketch is about to start! Over the summer, the TSF Sketch team traditionally holds workshops for people who want to learn or work on honing their sketch writing skills. Sometimes, the summer Sketch team does special projects with its writers.

We aren't sure what's in store yet, but stay tuned! Sketch is going for all of summer C. Contact TSF Sketch or Theatre Strike Force to find out more!

Important Dates

  • April 18: Freshmen League of Engineering Group Show
  • April 24: End of Spring Semester
  • May 10: Announcement of new sketch director
  • May 14: Start of Summer A