Trading In

If you noticed, I've avoided talking about trading games up to this point. That was sort of by design since it's a bit of a controversial subject. A lot of video game fans hate trading their games in and especially hate dealing with Gamestop.

The good news on that front is that Gamestop is no longer the sole source for trading in. Previously you would have to try to sell on ebay or craigslist if you didn't want to deal with Gamestop. Now, however, Best Buy and Amazon both have trade-in programs as well.

Behold the bane of some gamers existence.

So, are they worth it? Ehh, not really. As a gamer trying to live on a college budget, you'll want to maximize your potential profit value. I don't think trading in a bunch of games for pitiful sums is going to really benefit you.

Thus, the main thing is to be on the lookout for the various deals these places have for trading games in. Amazon, unfortunately, pretty much never has deals, which is kind of sad. I'm a huge fan of Amazon, and I suspect many of you reading are as well, so them being useless on this front isn't that great. Best Buy frequently has deals where you can get 100 percent more value on each game traded in, which is as awesome as it sounds. I've cleared out quite a few games when that deal pops up.

And so, what about Gamestop? Well they can actually have good deals too. I know, shocking! They'll frequently have deals where you can get up to 60 percent extra when trading in. They also sometimes have deals where you can get additional trade in value if you trade toward a pre-owned game. Unfortunately for Gamestop, there's a workaround here if you don't really want anything. Simply trade in toward an old Madden, or anything that's a dollar or less, and get your additional value.

As with anything else, make sure to check sites like Cheapassgamer to be sure when deals like these are happening.