You might be surprised to find that the deals you're going for aren't always easy to get. Sometimes stores will fight you, employees will question you and managers will get involved. This page exists for that reason. It's mainly to provide you some tips and tricks so you don't end up out of luck.

First, always keep cool. If you're questioned then answer calmly. If you have to deal with a manager, never raise your voice or try to make a scene. This is paramount. A customer who keeps their cool will always be more likely to get the prize than one who loses it

Stay calm man!

Two, be wary of flipping. I didn't bring up flipping earlier for exactly this reason. Flipping is buying a bunch of games cheap that are trading in for far more than you paid for them. This has gotten people banned from trading games in at Gamestop or Best Buy. That is obviously something you do not want happening to you. If you are going to flip then do it in small amounts and try to space it out. Otherwise, you could pay for it.

Third, don't try to rip companies off please. There's nothing worse than seeing people trying to return games they got cheap to places like Wal-Mart for store credit. It's stuff like that which has tightened the return process for everyone and it's just not a cool thing to do.

Fourth, always wait for sales on games from Ubisoft. If there's one thing I've seen over the past couple years it's that Ubisoft games will undoubtably be on sale within 1-2 months. I have no idea why this happens, considering Ubisoft games like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry sell well, but it does. Nintendo games are the inverse in that they almost never drop in price quickly, though it's beginning to happen more often, so if you only game on Nintendo systems then I'm not sure how much use this guide can be.

Finally, remember that you can't get every deal. If luck isn't in your favor then just move on and begin looking for the next deal. There's no reason to dwell on something like this.

Oh, and don't take the video below to heart. Make sure to go class too. Video gaming on a college budget isn't possible if you end up getting kicked out of college.