Now obviously there are doubters of my claims. I'm sure there's some of you out there. So, I aim to alleviate any doubts you might have about me.

Some of my best deals are getting a PS3 for $50 back when they were still retailing for the infamous $599 by viciously taking advantage of a trade in deal that entertainment store f.y.e. was having. I couldn't help but notice that they stopped having trade in deals shortly after this incident...

Another one is getting a Guitar Hero II bundle, back when Guitar Hero was all the rage - man that feels so long ago, at Toys "R" Us because of a price error. I used one of the tips I mention on my tips page and stayed cool and calm when questioned by the employee and manager. And because of that I succeeded in walking out with it

But what does my word mean, right? So, how about the words from a friend of mine, Emmanual Cruz, who works at Gamestop? He had this to say, "Your tips for trading in at Gamestop are definitely what people want to do if they want to get the most profit." He also admitted that his Gamestop manager hates when people take advantage of the extra credit for trading toward pre-owned games. And if you think I'm making this up then contact him at mannycruz20@gmail.com. He'll back me up.

And I have more. Some quotes from a friend, Keenen Springer, who has taken advantage of my tips and tricks and benefited immensely from it. Don't believe me? Then take his word for it.

"Sean's tips and tricks have helped me save hundreds of dollars on games and probably even more than that. I can't recommend listening to what he has to say enough."

And if you doubt that then you can contact Keenen at (954)-871-9384 and ask him yourself. Really the entire point of this is to show that the stuff I'm talking about has helped others. And hopefully it helps you too.