People of Gainesville is a cultural blog that celebrates diversity we have here in Gainesville, Florida. It started as a small blog where I would take photographs of people I find interesting on the street. This idea spawned from a photographer in New York who began a blog called Humans of New York and has gained quite a bit of followers through social media.

I have recently begun featuring certain places through video (for example making a video about the Bull on a Wednesday nights and using music from local bands of Gainesville.)

The ultimate goal for PoG is to become a collaborative effort of photographers, videographers and writers sharing stories of people they have found all around the community of different people of Gainesville and the neighboring communities.

I have used social media to self- publish all of the work I have been accumulating. There is a People of Gainesville Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram feed and Tumblr. I have used social media to constantly post new photographs I have taken and to communicate with my audience. I have asked my audience what neighborhoods to visit, to contact certain bands to see what kind of music videos I can create and asking them to use their music.

Once this project has finished (once I have graduated) I will create a book of photographs and stories.

The idea of constantly sharing in our generation can be used to express the idea that we should go out to new places, meet new people, find the similarities in each other and still celebrate the individual. Many people aren't celebrated enough and albeit a small gesture of taking someones photograph, I feel it could brighten some people's day.

An interview with the photographer of Humans of New York: