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Household Items

Picture of a mirror I decorated with mosaics.
A mirror I decorated with mosaics.

Decorating household items is a nod back to the arts and crafts days of elementary school, but if done properly, creating your own household items can give your home an artistic vibe that is totally your own.

Picture a mosaic piece I made.
A mosaic piece I made.

Some ideas for household items that can be easily decorated are frames, pottery and wooden panels.

If you want to try something a little more challenging, you can try experimenting with mosaics. Mosaics are fragments of colored gravel put together to create vibrant images. Mosaic supplies are sold at local art supply stores and are fairly simple to get started with. Besides colored fragments of gravel, you will need nippers, glue and grout. Here is a simple video tutorial on how to decorate a flower pot using mosaics. Flower pots are fairly inexpensive at your local hardware store and make for great decorative pieces.