Hatha Yoga

Yoga Videos

This video made by MyFitnessNut.com is a great guide for familiarizing yourself with most of the basic yoga poses essential for beginners to learn.

This video shows how to properly execute Childs Pose, demonstrates hamstring stretches, explains Cat-Cow pose, displays Downward Dog and Plank poses and goes through how to do a Chaturunga and an Upward Facing Dog pose.

The video also explains what a flow series is and demonstrates how to correctly execute a simple one.

This video made by EkhartYoga.com is beneficial for beginners as well as those who would prefer to practice yoga in the comfort of his or her own home.

This video primarily explains what side bends are, and it explains how these exercises promote better breathing. Being able to control your breath is an important part of yoga. In yoga, movement is based on or dictated by inhales and exhales.

Side bends help strengthen the abdominal muscles. Building up the core muscles will lead to better balance, more stability and improved posture.

This is a video I put together to demonstrate a popular flow series. The series consists of the poses downward dog, plank, chaturunga and upward dog.

I also give a few tips about how you should position yourself for each pose.

It is important to have correct form when attempting this flow series so that you do not risk injuring yourself.