Fish and steamed vegetables

Here's a delicious tilapia meal that you can make in 20 minutes.

Fish breaded
Step one: coat fish with breadcrumbs.
Fish in pan
Both sides of the fish should be golden-brown.
Finished food
The completed meal.

Prep time:

10 minutes

Cook time:

10 minutes


  1. Two pieces of fresh tilapia
  2. Italian bread crumbs
  3. seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon
  4. vegetable oil
  5. raw vegetables


Pour a cup of breadcrumbs onto a large plate. Add the seasoning to the breadcrumbs. Mix well. Coat both sides of the fish with the breadcrumbs.


  1. Add two tablespoons of vegetable oil to the frying pan. Turn the stove onto medium-hot.
  2. Wait three to four minutes for the oil to heat up, then place each piece of fish onto the frying pan.
  3. After five minutes, use a spatula to turn the fish over. The side facing up should be golden-brown.
  4. While the fish cooks, put some vegetables into a small, microwaveable pot. Add a tablespoon of water and microwave, on high, for 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. The second side should also be golden-brown now. Use the spatula to cut the fish in half. If the inside is white, it's done. If not, give it two to three minutes on the stove.
  6. Turn off the stove. Add salt to the steamed vegetables, and you're done!

Cost: $4.10 per serving

At Publix, a pound of fresh tilapia costs $7.99. I bought two slices, and the price was $4.71. The bag of vegetables cost $2.50. To price by serving size, the fish cost about $2.35, the vegetables cost $1.00 and the breadcrumbs cost $0.75. That's a total cost of $4.10 for this meal.

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