Conveying Science in the 21st Century
A project by Cristi Rabaza

So What's this website all about?

Well, it's all about answering one question: How do we get people to read more science news?

In fact, this is an age-old question that keeps getting tougher and tougher to answer, especially given the recent explosion of methods by which to do it. Gone are the days that reporting a story could only be done one way. In this era, reporters can choose from a plethora of media to convey the information they're looking to unfold. From videocasts to slideshows, all these media were invented to make storytelling easier to get across to a general audience.

But then, why is the field with perhaps the most complex information to report lagging behind? Take, for example. Their front page is so cluttered that it often intimidates readers right out of viewing their content. They're unlikely to have any trouble grabbing the attention of their fellow academics, but it's safe to say that the average reader of the general population will turn and run in the opposite direction.

This century is all about instant information that is easy to consume. That's what we'll be looking at throughout this whole discussion, in a variety of ways. From interviews with experts in media technology to science research writing, we're on the search for the answer to the question, how do we get people to read more science news?

Let's find out. Beginning with the arrow on the right, use this project not only as an attempt to answer this question through the writing you'll find on the pages, but also through the look and feel of the demo website I have hand coded to demonstrate what I think an effective digital science publication should look like in 2013. Note the attempt to have readers scroll as little as possible, access to large, eye-catching buttons, visual cues like color and labels, and the idea of mixing different types of content together instead of isolating them. I'm trying to teach more by doing than by saying. I hope you learn and enjoy!