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A Start-to-Finish Guide for Making a Video Game


ust as film and TV before it, video games are in a golden age when the market is wide open to small teams and even individuals to make their own product. Indie titles have never been hotter, and there are a mountain of different tools that can help you along. But were to begin? The amount of information and the pile of programs available can be daunting, and that alone is what turns away a lot of would-be game designers.

The reality is that anyone can make a game, the process can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. The process of making a game from scratch can be broken down to just four steps

Deciding what the game is going to be, how it looks, how it plays, what it's about.
Creating sprites, text, models, and user interface for your game.
Writing the systems that determine how the player interacts with the game world.
Getting you game out to the players, as well as your brand.

I don't pretend I will be able to walk you through every step of the process of making a video game. It can take years, sometimes over a decade, to make a game. What I can give you is a road map of the steps, along with plenty of resources to get you on the right path.