Gainesville Guacamole Guide

La Tienda!

Las Margaritas Rating. La Tienda.

Before the decision to make this website, I had never been to La Tienda. Many of my friends had been and thought it was one of the best Mexican finds in all of Gainesville. My friend Ali, the residential guacamole lover, told me that "it was the perfect guacamole for people who love avocados more than anything else."

We decided to get it to go, as we had been out all day and didn't want to spend more time away from. The service was quick and we drove right home to enjoy or guacamole treat.

Here's the good-the chips were the best, probably the freshest we had out of any chips anywhere. The guacamole had a nice flavor but was too chunky for me, a person who is just learning to love avocado. I still don't really like plain avocado. As evidenced in the picture, there were big chunks of avocado in this batch.

The price was hard to beat- it was $3 and it came with chips and a decent amount of guac. The other food we ordered was good too- it is definitely a place I would revisit and recommend to my friends