Gainesville Guacamole Guide

El Indio

Las Margaritas Rating. La Tienda.

I love this place- I really do. I am sad to say that I do not love the guacamole there, especially plain. It tasted a little sour and it wasn't the type of flavor I was expecting. Normally, I like when a guacamole is creamy or just a little chunky, but this one did not agree with me.

The prices were pretty fair here. The guacamole and chips was $3.50, and it came with a decent amount of both. It's also a bonus to note that if you do like the guac here, it comes free on almost all menu items if you ask.

Since I didn't really like the guac here, I didn't put it on my Carne Asada tacos- which were quite good. I have also tried the taco salad with tempeh and it's another dish I like a lot. They have quick service and a drive-through option if you want it. I think that the food and price here make up for the fact that the guac is not the best in the city of Gainesville.