Gainesville Guacamole Guide

Burrito Brothers!

Las Margaritas Rating.

The sign is what says it all. If the sign isn't on, don't bother waiting in line. Of course, I am talking about the sign pictured here. It's a Burrito Brothers staple, and means that fresh guacamole is here and ready to be devoured.Burrito Brothers is one of those places that knows what their customers want, and what they always want is guacamole.

I think that Burrito Brothers guac is pretty tasty. It's the perfect amount of creamy without tasting like a liquid or simple spread avocado It was a little expensive for the small amount I got, and I was told to get it on my burrito next time, since it ended up being a little cheaper.

This definitely sounded like a good idea to me. I used a little bit leftover from my chips and dipped into my burrito, and it instantly became the best one I've ever had at this Gainesville establishment. I think that it would be smart to have them use their "guac gun" and add it to your order.