Gainesville Guacamole Guide

Welcome Guacamole Fans!

As I've grown up, so have my taste buds.I've tried new foods and found out that I actually do like vegetables. I've learned that there are better ways to eat chicken than in tender-form. I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of cool places and try lots or tasty things.

Even with my new love for new cuisine, until a year ago, I stayed away from avocados. Then, something happened. I was at Chipotle and was starving. My brother ordered for me, and didn't notice that they gave me guacamole, and neither did I when he put it in front of me. I took the first bite, and it was full of guacamole. I was caught-off guard- the taste was new. As far as I was concerned, guacamole was not my friend. That first bite changed it all.

Since then, my entire Mexican-eating experience has changed. I add guac to everything that doesn't have it. Quesadilla's and Guac. Burrito's and Guac. Chips and Guac- there are no limits to what Guacamole can do.

I like a few Mexican restaurants in Gainesville. I thought that it would be a great idea to pick a few of them and see which one had the best guacamole in town. As you can see in the ratings box, I will judge them on the price, the taste, and how each guacamole complements whatever else I ordered. The one with the most "chips" overall will be crowned Gainesville's Best Guac!

I've also experimented with making guacamole at home. You can check out recipes for some of the one's I've really liked. There's also an area to check out the history of guacamole, the best store-bought guacamoles, and some good things guacamole goes good with- a couple may surprise you!

Get ready for the avocodo-filled adventure these pages have to offer. Look forward to hearing what you think. Send your comments to me here! If you want to know more about the resources I used to create this website, check out this resources page!