Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is located on the North Eastern side of the island of Ireland. It shares a border with the Republic of Ireland, as of a 2011 census its population was just short of 2 million. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast and since 1998 Northern Ireland has been largely self-governed with little intrusion from law makers in London.

The Troubles

For hundereds of years Northern Ireland has been the site of violence and terror due to a divison between "Nationalists" and "Unionists". The former being predominatly Roman Catholic from the Republic of Ireland and the latter being of Protestant ancestory who believed Northern Ireland should remain part of Britain.The violence started in the late 60's and up to today has been responsible for the deaths of 3,254 people. Thousands more incarcerated or injured. The two sides formed the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force), the Troubles go much deeper than this short explanation and the hurt that it caused is still felt by many British and Irish citizens today.

Here is a short video, giving a brief update on what Belfast is like today.

Quick Fun Facts about Northern Ireland

  • HMS Titanic was built in Belfast.
  • It's main exports are textiles and machinery.
  • NI remains the most industrial part of Ireland.
  • 18 MP's from NI sit in British Parliament.
  • The Northern coast of NI is known as,'The Great Causeway, a rock formation from a volcano eruption.
  • NI is divided into just six counties.