English Flag
St George's Cross

England is the largest country in the Union with almost 50 million people, it holds the capital of London. As one of the oldest and most densly populated cities in the world, London has so much to offer. The second city is technically Birmingham located in the Midlands, however the second largest city and most commonly known to English people as the second city is my hometown of Manchester located in the Northwest region of the country.
Below I have highlighted some of the most interesting features of the two most popular cities in the country.


London attracts millions of tourists each year, it is the central hub for English culture, arts and traditions. Firstly, getting around London will be a challange for you. There are three options;Black Cabs, London Underground, Bus services. By far the easiest and most efficient is the London Underground, commonly referred to as, 'The Tube'. Here is a map of London's tube. Click this link for the official website to "Transport around London".

Quick Fun Facts about London

  • 8 Million People call London home.
  • 15.3 million International Vistors a year make London the most visited in the world.
  • More languages are spoken in London than any other city in the world- 270.
  • The "Ring Road", the M25 is the largest orbital highway in exsistance today.
  • London has hosted the Olympics more times than any other city-3 times.


The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester was and still is a blue collar city. Even today hundreds of factories still stand from the mid-18th century, additionally Manchester has one of the most complex canal systems in the world which made it the central hub for production in the United Kingdom leading up until the end of World War Two. Many of the old warehouses have been drastically redeveloped into apartments and offices especially since the IRA terrorist bombing of 1996, today Manchester is thriving and is known as the BBC's Media City.

Quick Fun Facts about Manchester

  • 3 Million People call Manchester home.
  • The Atom for first split in Manchester.
  • Manchester has two Soccer teams, Manchester City and Manchester United, both are considered in the top ten of best teams in the world.
  • 100,000 Students call Manchester home, 4 Universities are located in the City.
  • The first Modern Computer was built in Manchester.
  • Roll's first met Royce in Manchester to built the most luxurious car's in the world.
  • There are 10 museums and 10 theatre's throughout the City.