Essential Guide to the UK


So you are interested in making a trip accross the pond?
Well you have found the right place. Please peruse my pages to find out all the information you could possibly want about the United Kingdom.I have made a brief history about the Isles, and then interesting points about the major cities.

Why listen to me? I was born and raised in Manchester, United Kingdom. I came to the United States when I was eighteen so I have almost 20 years of experience with the customs, cultures, history and traditions of my home country, please feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.

The United Kingdom is a wonderful place with a rich history and strong traditions. From eating Haggis in the Highlands of Scotland to enjoying Strawberries and Cream at the Wimbledon Tennis tournament, the UK has so much to offer and with just a few clicks you can learn all you would wish to know about your new destination.