“The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.” –Wendell Barry

Envrionmental Issues About Water

According to “Plot Summary for Water”,“Water is the most amazing yet least studied substance. From times immemorial, scientists, philosophers and theologians tried to understand its explicit and implicit properties, which are phenomenal, beyond the common physical laws of nature. Witness recent, breathtaking discoveries by researchers worldwide from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet. The arguments expound upon unexpected and challenging assumptions enlightening many years of research to open humankind to new horizons, such as the applications of structured water in agriculture, or the use of water in treatment for the most serious diseases and more.” (Anonymous, n.d.)

FLOW: For the Love Of Water (2012)

The film director is Irena Salina. Reported by Maxwell-Gaines (2011), “ Flow is an award-winning documentary investigation by Irena Salina into the growing privatization of the world’s dwindling fresh water supply. Salina focuses on politics, pollution, human rights, and the emergence of a domineering world water cartel. She uses interviews with scientists and activists to reveal the rapidly building water crisis at both the global and human scale. Rather than just focusing on the problem, FLOW also provides examples of people and institutions that are working toward practical solutions to the water crisis.” (para.2)

The Colorado River: Running Near Empty (2011)

According to Yale E360 (2011),“Photographer Peter McBride traveled along the Colorado River from its source high in the Rocky Mountains to its historic mouth at the Sea of Cortez. In this Yale Environment 360 video, he follows the natural course of the Colorado by raft, on foot, and overhead in a small plane, telling the story of a river whose water is siphoned off at every turn, leaving it high and dry 80 miles from the sea.

In the video, McBride, a Colorado native, documents how increasing water demands have transformed the river that is the lifeblood for an arid Southwest.”(para.1)

colorado river running near empty 10 Must see water documentaries that provide insight into the future water crisis


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