“The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.” –Wendell Barry

Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable life is a lifestyle that reduces the negative impacts of human activities on the environment. This lifestyle features taking alternative methods of transportation, energy consumption and wastes recycling. It is in accordance with natural balance and the earth's ecology(Wikipedia, 2013).

Education for a Sustainable Future (2012)

This film is written and directed by Tom Hallatt and Dale Hallatt. According to Top Documentary Films(2012),“The documentary film critically analyses what is considered socially relevant in a new education system which brings out the most potential in all of humanity whilst also detailing specific educational methods from a wide range of sources on how to nurture social skills, critical thinking techniques and a larger variety of important practices to positively reinforce from our earliest years onwards.” (Para.2)

The e² series (2008)

This work is produced by the PBS. As reported by BlatantWorld.com(n.d.),“The inaugural season of this Kontentreal production for PBS introduces the growing sustainability movement within the architecture and design industries, with some of the best ideas for creating a sustainable World explored. Amongst other things, this series looks at how we can build skyscrapers in our cities, which could power themselves, clean themselves and much more. Smaller urban projects are also looked at, and many experts are featured, including Kenneth Yeang, William McDonough, Werner Sobek, Paul Pedini, Steven Holl and Sergio Palleroni. e² Design is narrated by Brad Pitt.”(Para. 1)

Official page of The e² series


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