A Student's Guide to Going Green

My Journey


Faithful Okoye is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Florida. She said she has been going green since the beginning of the Spring semester and has certainly come along some challenges. Here she shares her experience and gives some quick advice for those looking to do the same.


Vanessa Coicou is a senior health education and behavior major at UF. She has been on her going green journey for about two weeks. Her ups and downs include trying to get her friends to join her in going green. Here she shares her experience.

Amanda Linares

I'm Amanda Linares, a fourth-year journalism major at the University of Florida. I've been on my journey for about three and a half weeks. My biggest challenge so far has been staying on a budget when buying some of the organic foods and green products. My biggest reward has been knowing that what I'm doing is helping.