A Student's Guide to Going Green

What is going green?

For years now, going green has been the topic of many conversations. It has found its way to the forefront of American politics, families, businesses and education. But, what does going green actually mean? Ask a few people around you and they might each say different things. It's recycling. It's driving less. It's conserving energy. The fact is, going green is all these things. It's the consideration and preservation of Earth's natural resources.

A way most people have been going green is by being sustainable. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's website, sustainability is important to making sure that people have and will continue to have the resources needed to protect their health and the environment.

Although being green can be rewarding and beneficial to society it can also be challenging to keep up with especially if you're a student dealing with a tight budget. This website will not only explore the ups and downs involved with transitioning into a green lifestyle but will also provide quick tips and information on how to get started. So, let's begin.

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