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Claire Samuels on hookers, sharing your hobby and unfinished projects

By: Monica Kelly

Claire Samuels

Right now, thousands of “hookers” around the world have a plethora of unfinished projects lying around their house.

“Hookers” has become a funny nickname for those who crochet. Claire Samuels, a resident of Gainesville, Fla., personally likes the nickname.

“I love the innuendo, Samuels said. “It’s hilarious.”

Samuels crochets anything your heart my desire through her webpage, Claire’s Custom Crochet.

“Crocheting is a wonderful hobby of mine, and I wish to share my gift with the world,” Samuels writes on her webpage.

Samuels believes that her hobby has been a good outlet for her. She enjoys making characters, hats and even blankets for her friends and customers.

“I usually make things for a little bit over the price of yarn,” Samuels said. “I try to be modest so that it is affordable for my customers.”

Turtle Design by Samuels

Samuels says that sometimes it gets hard to balance her business for her other duties. She even says she has a few unfinished projects hanging around.

“Sometimes you start a project and you’ll get busy or you’ll get busy or you’ll find something else that interests you, and that’s ok,” Samuels said. “There’s so much you can do.”

For more information on Claire’s business, visit her webpage or her business' Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Claire Samuels.