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Thrifting is not only a pastime but a different subculture all on its own. With gas prices continuing to rise and the fleeting trends that come and go with every season thrifting becomes more of a survival tactic than a hobby. Follow Xander and LJ as they venture into the finest thrift stores of the South.

Thrift: The Hawaiian Moo Moo

During our time in West Palm Beach we made the most incredible of finds at a gem of a thrift shop called Community Thrift. At first glance the item didn't seem to be much, but once it was actually closely viewed and tried on it quickly become a conversation starter.
After purchasing the dress, I later realized that it was actually considered to be a moo moo- a Hawaiian moo moo to be exact. I found this out through a simple conversation that was prompted by the dress when I was out and about with it on. A Hawaiian woman approached me at the farmer's market and expressed her respect for someone my age wearing such an age specific garments (moo moo's are generally worn by older women). I looked at her with confusion and she went on to explain what it was I actually had purchased. Regardless of the labels surrounding my thrift find, I love it all the more- it gives it character and a story.

Lauren P. Jadotte 2013

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