It's a c-section!

A panicked mother's guide to the almighty cesarean

The Operating Room

At 4 am, when the nurse told me that my doctor had advised we schedule a c-section, I started thinking about how much of the nursery I had left to organize and the fact that I still hadn’t purchased the special baby-friendly laundry detergent. I asked if my doctor worked weekends, or if I had to schedule it for during the week. She actually laughed at me and told me the doctor was on his way, and that “scheduling” referred to prepping the operating room. I will be honest, at that point I panicked. I’ve never had so much as a tooth pulled, and facing the anxiety of major surgery during what I expected to be the happiest moment of my life was completely overwhelming. Whatever you feel when you hear that the plan has changed is absolutely natural, and you should let it all out. Let me assure you, the apprehension dissipates quickly, particularly after the anesthesia, and I still got to see her and hold her almost immediately. The March of Dimes video above will give you a pretty accurate picture of what to expect, and the links below walk you through the specific stages.

Anesthesia 6-minute Miracle Joureny through the Hospital