It's a c-section!

A panicked mother's guide to the almighty cesarean


Cesarean cesarean cesarean.

Cesarean. Say it, whisper it or yell it at someone until it stops sounding like the name of a mythical creature that appears to snatch your carefully-formed offspring right out of your womb. It is a medical procedure that may be necessary, even though it renders that birth plan you could recite backwards completely useless.

If you are one of the nearly 33 percent of pregnant women who have been advised to undergo a c-section, I can give you statistics, like the fact that only 2 percent experience any complications, most of which are not life-threatening, but your doctor probably already told you that. What helped me was the support of someone who had gone through the procedure and could walk me through it, assuring me that everything would turn out just as I had imagined. With that in mind, I give you my story, and all of the information I could have wanted.