Benefits of taking the RH Challenge

The RH Challenge Seems Difficult. Why Bother?

It's worth it because there's an insurmountable number of benefits that working out consistently and eating well bring to the body. These benefits can be seen on the exterior, but provide just as many, if not more benefits to your insides.

Benefits of exercise to the body

  1. Battle disease and increase immune system function
  2. Increase Energy
  3. Maintain a healthy homeostatic weight
  4. Elevate Mood
  5. Increase Muscle Mass
  6. Improve Sleep

Benefits of eating well

  1. Elevated immune system and organ function
  2. Promotes ample fat loss
  3. Slow down the onset of aging
  4. Regulate stress and insulin levels
  5. Helps avoid numerous diseases such as diabetes
  6. Make you feel more alert and happy

Studies show that people should exercise a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per week, as well as obtain all the vitamins they need from their daily intake of food. Staying on a regiment such as this, that is seen in the RH Challenge can elevate your life quality and avoid negative things such as violent disease. In 2006, 630,000 people died from heart disease. Fortunately diseases such as this can be fought if not prevented by such as regiment.