The Meal Plan

Before we get started with how and what you'll be eating, allow me to shed some light on the conundrum that is "eating right".

Have you ever felt frustrated by your body? Have you ever been left puzzled as to why your body does what it does or gains five pounds when you “think” you’re doing everything right? That’s because in large part we as a people have succumbed to the “over the counter drug syndrome”. When we see a symptom, we cover it up with “painkillers” and “antihistamines”. In essence, what I’m saying is, we try to fix the “problem” we see, such as stubborn belly fat, with outrageous diets and quick fixes. We do this without realizing that what we see is only a “symptom” with which our body is telling us there’s an underlying problem that when fixed will alleviate the symptom. In addition, addressing the real problem will provide longer lasting results: AND 9 TIMES OUT OF 10, THE PROBLEM IS YOUR NUTRITION. Let’s fix that…

Diet Rules

  1. Eating breakfast is mandatory within the first hour of waking up
  2. Eat every three hours
  3. Aim for 3-4 meals a day with 2 high protein, low fat snacks
  4. Eat no carbs after 8pm
  5. Eat until satisfied, not overly stuffed.
  6. No Alcohol Consumption (Except red wine in moderation, if 21 or older)
  7. The foods you choose should have little to no preservatives, and should have either grown in the ground(vegetation), or have a face (animals)
  8. Remove those foods which are unhealthy and replace them with healthy, whole foods

The Basis of the Diet

Foods to Eliminate or Significantly Reduce From Diet

Keep in Mind...

Everything you eat during these 21 days should consist of or at least contain whole grains, dairy, nuts, seeds, lean meats, eggs, and colorful fruits and vegetables. Each day you should supply your body with a variety of each to ensure consumption of all necessary nutrients.