"19, 20, 21......22?"

The Challenge is Complete! You Did It!

If you are viewing this page because you completed the challenge, congratulations!

That is quite a feat. Without a doubt, you are now basking in the glory of success and a newly acuired rock-hard body. However, the question everyone is asking, is NOW WHAT? Is day 22 the end of my journey. Do I return to my old lifestyle? No way. The point of the RH Challenge being 21 days is based on the scientific notion, that psychologically speaking, it takes 21 days to break a habit. You've now spent 21 days breaking the habits of your past, and inventing the habits that can mold your future.

Your newly chiseled body and greater health have only begun their transformation. If you want to stop now, you can. No one is forcing you to keep "eating clean" and working out. But if you decide to continue to embark on this journey, I commend you all the more, because you understand the TRUE meaning behind the challenge. It was not designed just to teach you how to improve your health and fitness in 3 weeks, it was created to show you how to change your life forever with just this one first step.

Reach Far. Reach Aimlessely. Reach Higher -Ryan Howard