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The Book Rack

In August 2011, The Book Rack joined the ranks of bookstores in Gainesville. The store has several branches throughout the country, but under a licensing agreement, each branch is independently operated, making the Gainesville branch different from all the others. The shop with its tall wooden shelves and matching wood rolling staircase is specialized in providing a large supply of used books at reduced prices.

What makes it special?

Owner Tony Kalishman attributes the open spaces and wide room for movement at The Book Rack to the uniqueness of the store, a rare occurrence as used bookstores are known for being packed with books and having little space for movement. Its children’s section offers a variety of games and seating for kids to enjoy reading and playing at the store, as well. The store’s membership program requires a one-time $10 fee, giving you access to a 10% discount every time you come into the store. And it never expires.

Can you order books? What about trading my used books?

The store does both ordering and trading. It will take most used books and offer a trade allowance equating to half the selling price for a used book you’re buying in its stead. This can be used towards half of your purchases of new books. It doesn’t apply to new books, merchandise or clearance items. If you don’t get store credit for your books, the store will donate them to local non-profit or charity organization.

The Basics:

The children's section at The Book Rack

Books on the shelf: 20,000

Types of books offered: