Get accepted? Now What?

Inform your UFIC study abroad adviser

Now that you've been accepted there are a few steps you have to complete, like attend a mandatory UFIC pre-departure meeting with other accepted students.

Once you have accepted your offer from your host school and have been officially approved by UF you will need a visa, if and only if you're spending more than four months abroad. Getting can be more or less complicated depending on how long you will be abroad and where you will be living. Your host school's international student staff is your best source of aid. They have helped hundreds of students secure visas before and they will absolutely be able to help you get one too.

The U.S. Department of state has much more detailed information for Americans traveling abroad: Check out their website

Make Kayak flight alert

This is a great resource to use when trying to purchase an expensive flight. One you enter basic information like destination, dates and your email, Kayak will alert you when a good deal pops up.

Plan for travel while abroad

Will you be using the public transportation like the metrorail or the bus?

Will you need to buy a train pass to travel around your area?

How will you be getting around the town or city in which you'll be living?

Do you need to purchase or rent a bike or a scooter?

All questions you must ask and answer before you board your flight.

Packing list(66KB PDF)