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Picking a program

  • Exchange programs: This is the most immersive and usually the most cost effective option. As an international exchange student you study at a university abroad for a semester. You are treated just like every other student on campus. You live and learn with local and other international students. You also pay normal UF tuition while studying abroad and qualify for the same amount of scholarships and aid that you would get if you were at UF. The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship is also applicable to this option. The big drawback is that you are limited to the international schools UF is partnered with and the application process is more intensive.

  • UF programs: Usually groups of UF students apply to these types of programs. The students travel abroad together and live together throughout the program. Most of these programs are offered for summer terms. These are great for students who aren't experienced travelers. The only drawback is this program isn't as immersive into the language and culture of the country you are visiting since students are spending most of their time with UF classmates

  • Outside programs are another option when it comes to choosing a program. Outside programs, like IES Abroad, offer students a great deal of support when it comes to choosing and applying to study abroad. There are many outside programs to choose from. Most make the process of study abroad pretty seamless yet a little pricier. Another aspect of outside programs to consider is that they are usually not as immersive as straight forward exchange programs.