Gearing up and getting abroad

General advice: start the process early, especially if you will be applying for a semester-long program and will need to obtain a visa.

Get a passport

This will detail how to apply to get a passport. It will outline the necessary documents (photos, birth certificates, etc). I will also go over where on campus you can go to turn in your fees and application (we actually have an office on campus!)

Apply through the UFIC

The to-do list: sign documents, fill out questionnaires, get your deposit money ready.

Get recommended

Choose a teacher that knows you best but that also relates to your program. Example-if you are applying to a history program then choose your history teacher.

The UFIC website has a somewhat hidden webpage that is intended to explain what they are looking for in recommendations.

Recommendation advice from UFIC

The website above offers step by step directions for recommenders. As a student asking for a recommendation it advised that you provide your recommender with: a copy of your study abroad essay explaining why you wish to study abroad, an overview of the program you are applying too.

Jennifer Cephus

Check out this first person account of senior advertising student, Jennifer Cephus's experience applying and studying abroad

Jennifer Cephus in Beijing
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Cephus.

Listen to an audio interview with Jennifer Cephus. Cephus is a University of Florida student who studied abroad in Beijing during the summer of 2012.

Download the audio