Zombie Rules

  • Managed to get tagged? You should read up on the transformation rules before proceeding.
  • Wear your bandana around your head.
    • Don't wear orange hats or other head accessories.
    • Or dye or paint your hair/head orange.
    • When stunned, pull your bandana down around your neck.
  • Stuns last 15 minutes.
    • You cannot tag and are essentially a non-player.
    • Don't follow the human(s) who stunned you. But feel free to tell other zombies where those pesky humans are going!
    • Stun time does not stack! If you're stunned while already stunned, it resets to 15 minutes.
  • Read the tagging rules page for in-depth information on Zombie-tags.
  • You must :feed" or make a tag at least every 48 hours or you starve. zombies
    • If this happens, you are well and truly dead. You're out of the game.
    • Lucky for you, every tag can feed an additional two zombies.
  • Special Zombies may exist in a game of HVZ. The powers of the Special Zombies will be announced via email once they have become active. Most Special Zombies can be stunned like normal zombies, but may have certain items they can use or special conditions under which they may be stunned. Some Special Zombies cannot be stunned, but may have certain unique traits or conditions. See mods for more details.