Tagging Rules

Tagging Rules

Zombies can successfully kill a human by making complete contact with at least one hand. This is a legal tag. Examples of ILLEGAL tags include but are not limited to:

  • Grabbing loose clothes, bags, hair, or other non-body parts.
  • Tagging equipment or bags. The exception to this is when a Human is wearing a backpack: full contact with the bag from behind counts as a tag. Other tags on the bag do not count.
  • Tags that directly cause injury to the Human that was tagged, such as a tackle, forceful shove, full dive, etc.

Once a zombie has tagged a Human, the tagged Human MUST hand over their Player Identification Card to the Zombie. After, the Human has 15 minutes before they must switch their bandanna from their arm to their head. They may switch earlier if desired.

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Humans can defend themselves using moderator approved foam-dart launchers or throwable socks. In cases where a human is defenseless, single darts may be thrown. When a Zombie is hit with a dart or sock, that zombie is "stunned" for 15 minutes. During this time, the Zombie lowers their bandanna from their head to their neck. The stunned Zombie may not make any tags, and cannot follow the Human or group of Humans that stunned them. They are still completely free to do anything else.

The game cannot be played while using ANY kind of vehicle. Players using vehicles will be counted as non-players for all intents and purposes, effectively rendering them untaggable, unstunnable, and harmless in terms of the game. Entering ANY vehicle during a mission will cause that player to forfeit the mission, and they may not participate in the mission or directly benefit from its success.

Any and all blaster modifications or home-brew dart blasters MUST be approved by the moderator team before use. This can be done at a Rules Meeting. Socks of excessive size or density will be banned from use; sock surface area may only be 25% tape. Keep player safety in mind when making socks or modifying dart blasters. Darts may not be modified. Very small increments of tape may be wrapped around darts.

Remember to report tags on the Source site immediately following the tag.