Field of Play Rules

The game is played OUTDOORS on the University of Florida Campus. The official boundaries of the game extend from 34th Street to 13th Street, and W. University Avenue to Archer Road.

  • The game is strictly forbidden from being played inside any building on the University of Florida campus. This includes all residence halls, dining halls, academic halls, and public facilities. You are still permitted to enter these buildings, but you may not actively play the game within them. All dart blasters and bandannas MUST be completely put away in a bag or other concealing, carrying device when entering a building. Humans in the process of putting away weapons for the purpose of entering a building are considered safe.
  • There are specific areas where the game is not allowed to be played, or special rules are in effect for those areas. These areas are known as either No-Play-Zones or Safe Zones.
  • The game will at no times be played in main roads, both around and through campus. All players must stop and WALK across crosswalks in order to cross a road.
    • Players crossing must stop running/walking, and announce that they are crossing the street (if other relevant players are present, such as Zombies that are chasing Humans).
    • Human players wielding dart blasters must hold their dart blasters in the air. Then, all players crossing the street may WALK and only WALK across using the crosswalk. This practice is also used for service roads. Players may not be stunned or tagged during crossing.
    • Once all players crossing the street have crossed, gameplay may resume. Zombies will give any Human players they were chasing a brief head start; the suggested time is a minimum of 3-4 seconds. Humans will not stun any zombies associated with the street crossing during this time.
  • With regards to some service drives, parking garages and parking lots, players are encouraged to use their best judgment when determining whether these areas are viable for play; remember that safety will always come before the game. Players found to be abusing these obstacles in order to gain an unsafe advantage, or violating such prohibited obstacles, may be punished or removed from the game.
  • Players are encouraged to avoid playing in especially crowded areas of campus and are to avoid playing near crowded bus stops. If a bus is within 60 feet of a bus stop, or if a bus is loading/unloading passengers, the area within 60 feet of the bus stop is considered a safe zone. Once the bus has left the 60 foot radius, the area becomes a normal play zone with prior restrictions in effect if applicable. The immediate area around residence halls should be avoided if possible.