Human Rules

  • Wear your bandanna around your arm and avoid orange shirts and jackets.
  • Weapons
    • Socks (nothing inside; one thin strip of tape is allowed). Must leave hand to count (i.e. thrown)
    • Dart blasters (stock, modded, or homebrew)
      • Make sure it fits inside a bag for entering buildings.
      • If you holster your weapon, be sure bright colors are showing
      • Foam Rockets can stun special zombies that are impervious to other means.
      • Flashlights: an accessory that may be attached to the bottom of a nerfgun but they are not to be used as a weapon.
      • Dart throwing is allowed only as a last resort.
    • No melee weapons, disc guns, blow guns, water guns, airsoft guns, or paintball guns. The Weapon of Legend is the only exception.
  • Modifications
    • Dart Blasters
      • No painting/cosmetic changes. It's a felony to modify or paint the tip or trigger.
      • No realistic colors or shapes.
    • Any and all modifications and homebrews - old or new - must be approved by the mods.
  • Managed to get tagged? You should read up on the transformation rules