Conduct Rules

These rules are generally non-mechanical in nature and are designed to keep the
game running smoothly. Violation of these rules is determined by the Moderator
Team and consequences are determined on a case by case basis.

Players are to abide by all rules presented here and any outlined in the Rules Meeting (participation required for play). Moderators may make exceptions to certain rules during or after an incident, and players cannot be retroactively punished as a result of a ruling by a moderator(s). Violation of any rules is determined by a Moderator, though a player may report any incidence of possible violation.

The consequences for violating a rule is determined by a Moderator based on the severity of the offense. Consequences include but are not limited to: Verbal Warning, Restriction on play, Temporary Ban from the game, Permanent Ban from the game, Permanent Ban from the current game and any number of future games. Players will also follow all University of Florida rules and policies, city ordinances, state laws and federal laws, with failure to do so meeting the same consequences as stated above.

  • D.B.A.D: Don't Be A D*** Players will be respectful towards both players and moderators. Violations of this policy include excessive unsportsmanlike conduct, swearing, harassment, and aggression, any incidence of threats of violence or actual violence, any incidence of blatant cheating, or any other conduct that is not conducive to an enjoyable game. Players are encouraged to report ANY persons violating such policies to the Moderator Team.
  • Players accused of being a significant detriment to the game will be called before the Moderator Team to make a defense. Afterwards, the Moderator Team will make a decision regarding the guilt of the player and subsequent consequences.
  • Player disputes, such as whether a Zombie was stunned before they tagged a Human, are suggested to be handled without Moderator intervention. Players DIRECTLY involved with the incident are considered part of the dispute for purposes of moderator intervention; players traveling with either party are considered to be not directly involved, but are advised to stand by the incident to serve as witnesses. Players serving as witnesses to the incident are considered out of play.
  • Disputes are commonly resolved with a 1-on-1 game or 50/50 gamble, such as a coin toss, game of Ninja, game of cards, die roll, rap battle, or Thunderdome match. The winner of the mutually agreed-upon conflict resolution method will have the dispute ruled in their favor.
  • "Safety First." Safety while playing the game is first and foremost. As such, players are not allowed to climb trees, to scale buildings (observe all University policies regarding parkour and other free-running activities), to cross roads without the use of a valid crosswalk, to use ANY vehicles while playing the game, nor the use of melee weapons (save for the Weapon of Legend, discussed at the Rules Meeting). If you aren't sure something you're doing is totally safe, the Moderator Team suggests not doing it all.
  • Moderator directions, published rulings, and calls made regarding the game shall be heeded by all players. If a call or direction made by a Moderator seems unfair, incorrect, or personally biased, a second Moderator may be called to resolve the situation, if another Moderator is available. Once another Moderator has been called, or if another Moderator is unavailable at the time, the player(s) involved MUST comply with the final decision or suffer consequences deemed appropriate by the Moderator Team. Players may not dispute published rules.
  • At NO TIME will any player purposely shoot at, tag, or otherwise directly involve non-players in the game. Players caught doing this will be removed from the game. Interfering with other events or activities on campus is also forbidden. This does not directly bar participation from those events, but this means that players cannot actively play the game if it means disrupting the event.