See if you can name the breed based on the attack:

A.) Sept.4th.2011: Two-week-old Brayden McCollen is viciously killed by his family pet

B.) Jan.30th.2012: A six-year-old boy is mauled to death by a medical service dog trained to help a military veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

C.) July.28th.2008 Two-month-old Zane Earles is killed by the family's 12 week-old puppy

Answers: a)Labrador-mix b)German-sheperd c)Labrador retriever
Remember any of these cases from the media? Ya, neither do I.

Pit Bulls are no stranger to the media. According to, the thought of a pit-bull-biased-media is actually more fact than fiction. The ASPCA reports that animal control officers have admited that when they alert the media of a dog attack, news outlets have no interest unless a pit bull is involved. The problem is that pit bull attacks are sensationalized and exaggerated in the media. Accidents happen and each has its own circumstance surrounding the reasons why. Each animal should be looked at as its own being, not catagorized into a class.

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