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The Garden Gator Guide to Planting your Herb Garden

The first step in building your herb garden is to choose the types of plants that you want to use. You should consider what type of culinary herbs do you normally use in your cooking? Are there any that you use fairly often? Would you like to experiment with new types of spices? You should choose that you would want to use in your cooking. Check out the Common Florida Herbs page to find more information on typical herbs grown in North Central Florida.

Once you have purchased your seeds, you can begin the planting process. You can find all of the necessary tools in the garden shed.

Step 1:

The first step will be adding small rocks or gravel to your pot. This will help the water to drain better through the pot. You will want to fill your pot about one quarter of the way up with the gravel or small rocks.

Step 2:

Fill your pots with your soil mix that you have purchased. Do not pack the soil; just let it fall naturally from your bag or your garden shovel.

Step 3:

Poke a hole about a quarter of an inch deep into your soil Place a seed or two into the hole. If you have a large pot, make a few holes to place your seeds. Be sure to leave about 4 inches of room between each of the seed clusters.

Step 4:

Cover your holes with a little bit of soil.

Step 5:

Spray or water your seed and soil mixture. Be sure not to drown the seeds, but make sure that the soil is moist. Place the pots near a windowsill inside.


If you are a novice gardener you will find your herbs will produce quickly and prolifically.

Seeds are inexpensive and allow you to grow large quantities. However, if started from seed your herbs will not bloom in their first season

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Garden Shed:

Soil mix
Pot or Seed Tray
Watering Can