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The Garden Gator Guide to Caring for your Herbs

You can find all of the tools that you need to care for your plants in the Garden Shed (blue sidebar on the right side of the page).

Light and Temperature:

Most young plants grow best at day time temperatures around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. These are typical North Central Florida spring temperatures. Your herbs should thrive on a sunny porch or in your garden during the spring season. If you plan to keep your herbs inside, be sure to keep them as close to a window as you can. By keeping them near a window, they will get plenty of sunlight.


You will want to keep your herbs watered during their growing stages. The best way to water your growing plants is to use a watering can or spray bottle. You should only water your plants to get the soil moist. If you over water, you may cause either damage to your plant

Interview with Herb Gardener:

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Firefly Farm Owner and Manager, Kathleen. The Garden Gator gives you tips on how to grow a herb garden.


Garden Shed:

Watering Can or Spray Bottle
Place with lots of sun!