Type Rules


Use different types of types in your design - pair a sans-serif with a serif or slab-serif - to crate visual contrast that makes the text stand out and call attention.

Experiment with different weights/styles of a typeface to produce different result - pair an italic type with a bold type to create hard contrast.

Size is a big way to create contrast. You can use the same font, but use it in a different size to create a unique and interesting design.


When choosing a typeface, pick one that has many different styles/weights so you can create a diverse and interesting, but cohesive, design.

Use the same typeface across all of your mediums to establish a cohesive brand - social media, blogs, logo, website, business card, and so on.

Limit yourself to using no more than 3 fonts in one design to keep it clear and organized

Call to Action

Type can be just as dominant as a photo or illustration can be. Don't be afraid to make your text your dominant focus.

Type can also be a visual element to enhance a design. Letters and characters are interesting shapes so experiment in creative ways to use them.

Above all though, anything you want your viewer to read need to be clearly legible. Readers don't have the patience to figure out what something is saying.