A Brief History

Adam Curry
Adam Curry

Before you learn how to make a podcast, it might be helpful to get a sense of how they came about. Podcasting was believed to be developed in 2004, although there are some that would claim it may have begun earlier than that. Both Adam Cury, an MTV video jockey, and Dave Winer, a software developer, are credited for developing podcasts. Together they developed a software known as iPodder that would allow someone to have radio shows automatically download to their iPod. Several tweaks to the software have resulted in the podcasts that we know and love today. Podcasts were originally intended to serve as a kind of on demand method for listening to radio shows. These days there are podcasts on just about every subject whether is it's about politics, popular culture, video games, or interesting narratives about the lives of complete strangers. And they're not just limited to audio, podcasts can also come in the form of videos.

Listening to Podcasts

Maybe now you're interested in listening to podcasts. There are several ways to listen to podcasts:

  1. Look for the site that makes the podcasts. This might be a radio show's site, a company's or organization's site, or a blog of some sort. They tend to have their podcasts available for streaming.
  2. Some sites will allow you to subscribe to a podcast through an RSS feed. Download an RSS reader and subscribe to podcasts through the providers' sites
  3. Probably the most common is subscribing through iTunes or using the Podcast app. Podcasts aren't commonly associated with android devices, but there are apps such as Google Listen, BeyondPod, and DoggCatcher that allow access to podcasts mobilely.

How-To Make a Podcast (Audio)

The great thing about making a podcast is that they are really easy to make and therefore anyone can begin to make their own podcasts. The investment lies more in the content than how the actual podcast was made.

What You'll Need

Step 1

Plug microphine into your computer or make sure the internal mic is working

Step 2

Open your audio editing software. Do a test run with your microphone to make sure it works.

Step 3

Record the message you want to end up on the podcast.

Step 4

Edit the podcast (unless you want to use a raw recording).

Step 5

Save the audio file and upload it directly to your site or through a podcasting site (there are a number of free ones such as PodBean and MixCloud).

Tips and Tricks