Scandal is another Shonda Rhimes classic, but you wouldn't know that except for the level of drama. Olivia Pope and her band of gladiators in suits march around Washington, D.C. resolving, well, scandals while the president of the United States carries on some scandals of his own (we're talking about extramarital affairs, people).

But not is all dandy in the nation's capital and Olivia has her hands full of sleezy politicians in every episode, from cheaters to killers to election riggers (but I won't give too much away). And all the while, she has plenty of time for steamy moments in closets with Mr. President.

The beauty about Shonda Rhimes shows is that they can get as crazy as possible, but you still believe them. No matter how ridiculous the scandal that Olivia Pope becomes, you'll never doubt that this could happen to someone in D.C.


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Run time: 60 minutes