Grey's Anatomy

You reach a point during Grey's Anatomy when you're just going to sit in your bedroom crying and repeating "freaking Shonda" again and again. Creator and writer Shonda Rhmes has little concern for the mental state of her viewers as the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital (and all its other reincarnations) suffer through heartbreak, death and pretty much every natural disaster you can think of (literally, every single one).

Simply put, don't get attached to anyone in Grey's Anatomy, because they probably won't last. Some leave, but most die in graphic and tragic ways that will haunt you for weeks. And those who don't die come pretty close. But no matter how much guts and gore Shonda subjects you to, you keep coming back. Because Meredith's speech to Derek to "pick me, choose me, love me," is all you need in life.


Airs Thursdays 9/8c

Run time: 60 minutes